The TopDaddies Story

mfamFounded in 2014 by Mike Granek, TopDaddies.com was created to learn from and recognize great dads for the amazing things that they do. Mike is a successful entrepreneur and an award winning event producer with two decades of experience in the special events and entertainment industries as well as in business. After owning his own businesses, working a stressful corporate job and being laid off, Mike decided to shift focus to spend more time with his family and learn to be the best dad he can be. He wanted to do something that has a positive impact on his family as well as other dads, families and society in general. By sharing stories and insights from other dads, Mike hopes that the site will help break the stigma of what it means to be a dad and exhibit the changing roles of fathers – from one of simply a provider, to being a highly engaged parent.

Mike is a father of three children.

To learn more about Mike Granek, please click HERE for a full bio, or visit our parent site: www.granek.com