BenQ EX3501R 35″ Curved Ultrawide Monitor


BenQ EX3501R 35″ Curved Ultrawide Monitor

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I’ve been using this monitor for a couple of months now and I really do love it! In fact, I’ve been driving my wife crazy, because I want everyone else to love this monitor as much as I do! I’m not just saying that because we received one from BenQ for review. I really am crazy about it and show everyone that comes over to our house. Ok, so enough love talk… Why do I like this monitor so much? Here’s a list:

  • At work, I use two 27″ monitors side-by-side, and while it works well, it’s just not the same as having the EX3501R. Not only does it save me on my physical desk space by having only one monitor, but I’m getting almost the same amount of computer desktop space on one screen. The experience is much more seamless instead of having a monitor bevel right in the centre of my desktop.
  • Having a curved display is so much easier to look at than two monitors or a huge flat screen. I can see every part of the screen easily and it’s much more comfortable than I first expected it to be.
  • The height and angle adjustments give me just the right amount of movement to position the monitor in the angle that works best for my own comfort, then adjust it for my wife when she uses it. It’s not a massive amount of adjustment capabilities, but enough for my needs.
  • There are lots of ports! HDMI, Display Port, USB-C, USB. (For complete specs check out the BenQ website) The best part is that it came with the necessary cables so that I could get up and running right out of the box. Since I’m using a few different laptops to connect, I really like that it has all of these options, because it just happens that each of our laptops uses a different connector.
  • The resolution is amazing. At 1440p, it has been working really well for me especially when I’m working with huge and complicated spreadsheets. On my other monitors, the resolution is lower so smaller text is really annoying to read, but on the EX3501R, it looks just as good as my Macbook’s Retina display to my eyes. This is also great when I’m using it as an extended desktop and have my laptop open. It’s great that the difference is not as noticeable as on lower resolution screens – especially when you’re moving documents from one to another.
  • The aspect ratio is great. Now, I’m not a gamer and I don’t watch movies on here, but with 21:9, I can have several windows open so it’s easy to compare documents if I need to, or have a really nice and long timeline when I’m editing videos, and again, when looking at spreadsheets, I can see so much more without having to scroll. This is helpful when I’m reviewing a fiscal month-to-month budget for work!
  • The colour accuracy is exactly where I need it to be! I haven’t touched any of the settings after taking it out of the box and everything looks amazing to me. However, for those that like or need to tweak their settings, the menu and options allow you to make adjustments.
  • A really great feature is that there is a light sensor that detects ambient light and adjusts the brightness of the screen according to the light conditions in your environment. So for me, since I’m working next to a window where the ambient light changes from day to night, it’s great as the screen adjusts its brightness accordingly, making it more comfortable to look at in the given conditions. Now, if you’re someone that likes your screen at a particular brightness no matter what’s going on around you, you can turn this feature off.
  • While I wasn’t expecting this to be an important feature, I’m actually surprised that I noticed that the Eye-Care technology actually seems to make a difference. I spend a lot of time looking at computer screens, and my eyes seem to like looking at this screen more than my monitors at my office. This could be because of the flicker-free technology as well as the automatic brightness adjustments, however it’s just something that I noticed.
  • The actual unit and base is pretty heavy and feels sturdy. There’s a hole on the base as well for cable management, which I like because it keeps all of the cables somewhat organized.

About The BenQ EX3501R Monitor

The BenQ EX3501R monitor provides a single display for work and play, with powerful features for business users, movie lovers and casual gamers. It delivers breathtaking and hyper-realistic video quality through cutting-edge HDR technology for the ultimate in gaming and HDR video entertainment. It also offers enhanced brightness, color temperature and contrast, adjusting to content automatically, while delivering incredible levels of detail and vividness to HDR video and cinema content. These enhancements increase the overall dynamic range between true black and bright white to more closely resemble what the viewers’ eyes see in the natural world. The EX350IR has a 100Hz refresh rate — to eliminate image tearing, broken frames and choppy game play for ultrasmooth and fluid gaming. With a cinematic 21:9 aspect ratio with ultrahigh 3440×1440 resolution, as well as an ultra-slim, edge-to-edge bezel, this monitor is great for the gaming dad, or the dad that needs a ton of desktop space for those work documents… like huge spreadsheets!

Visit the BenQ website for more details.

Disclosure: TopDaddies received product for review, however was not financially compensated for this post. Links to other websites are provided for convenience and to find more information, and are not affiliate marketing links. TopDaddies does not receive compensation from these links.

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