Black+Decker Robotic Smartech Vacuum


Black+Decker Robotic Smartech Vac

Save someone time and energy with the new robotic vacuums that connect to the BLACK+DECKER Mobile App via Bluetooth® Technology so homeowners can control the vacuum from their smartphone. Within the app, users can select a cleaning mode, program a cleaning schedule, drive the vacuum to a specific location, and customize the color of the robot’s LED top to fit the owner’s style on two of the three models. With a long runtime, a large capacity dustbin, and a wide 9” cleaning path, homeowners can count on the SMARTECH™ Robotic Vacuum to get the job done.

When the vacuum starts cleaning, it uses AutoSense™ technology to determine whether it’s cleaning hard surface floors or carpet and automatically adjusts its power level accordingly. As the vacuum runs, its low-profile design captures hard-to-reach debris under furniture and its two side sweepers clean along edges and in corners. The SMARTECH™ Robotic Vacuum also uses sensors to detect stairs and other drop-off areas. If the vacuum does encounter an issue, the AlertSense™ feature prompts an LED light on the top cover to flash directly on the problem area, eliminating guesswork.

The new BLACK+DECKER robotic vacuums feature a 9” extra wide brush roll to clean more area per pass compared to the leading robotic vacuum on the market and a clear one liter-sized dustbin to hold more dirt and debris for optimized runtime and cleaning performance. Furthermore, its high-performance HEPA-certified filter captures 99.9% of pet dander and dust particles (.3 microns and greater) to reduce allergens and irritants in the home. Once the vacuum needs to recharge, it automatically returns to its dock to prepare for its next job.

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