Going On A Road Trip? Check These First!

Mike from TopDaddies.com visits a KalTire location to find out why it’s important to check the brakes and fluids on your vehicle before heading out on a road trip. Mike learns about how to identify leaks and signs that your brakes are wearing.

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To find a KalTire location near you, or for more information please visit KalTire’s website:

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What Is Mike Wearing?

Check out the awesome Skechers Relaxed Fit Conroe Steel Toe shoes that Mike is wearing in the video!

Skechers Steel Toes

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Author: Mike Granek

Michael Granek, MBA,CSEP,PID is a successful entrepreneur and an award winning event producer with two decades of experience in the special events and entertainment industry as well as in business. After selling his business and working for a large corporation, Mike decided to shift focus to spending more time with his kids and learning how to be the best dad he can be with his three children. For a complete bio, please visit: www.granek.com

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