How To Get Your Child Excited About Learning | Interview With Peter Katsionis

How To Get Your Child Excited About Learning | Interview With Peter Katsionis

Mike from tracks down Peter Katsionis who was Mike’s Social Studies teacher over 20 years ago! In 9th grade, Mike wanted nothing to do with social studies, but Peter somehow managed to motivate him to become highly engaged in learning and excited about producing work for the class. In this interview, Mike asks him what he did differently than other teachers. Peter offers helpful advice about what parents can do to help their children become more engaged in their learning, as well as the importance of taking an interest in your child’s development early in their life. He also provides ideas on how to help make homework time less stressful.

About Peter Katsionis,CIS, B.Ed, M.Ed

Peter is an award-winning teacher and author with over 32 years of experience teaching students at the high-school level. His sincere interest in helping students succeed, passion for the teaching profession, and efforts in making a difference in the field of education has earned him the well deserved Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence. Read more about Peter’s achievements here;

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