If These Scars Could Speak | A Letter To My Kids

Dearest Children,

My God how precious you are in my life. You know not the struggles my life has seen previous to your arrival. Perhaps one day, as you grow older, I shall reveal them to you. You have been here through some of my struggles. And I think it’s safe to assume my struggles felt less just because you were here. In some ways, my stuggles may have been more because I had someone to prove something to. Either way, if these scars could speak to you, there’s a few things they would say.

First is “thank you”. When I was hurting, I was sick, I was weak, and I was vulnerable, you were there with smiles, with hugs, with kisses, with knock knock jokes. Your sparks and your zest were there, pulling me through. You didn’t know it at the time, and that’s okay. I never really told you how much I appreciated it, and that’s not okay. You see kids, sometimes, life will bring us pain. It will bring us fear, and sadness, and confusion. But there is always something and someone to lean on for strength, comfort, and hope. For me, that was you. In my darkest hours, I leaned on you to bring a smile to my face. And you never let me down. Thank you children.

The next thing these scars would tell you is that they cannot define you. As you get older, you will find yourself trying to figure out who and what you are. It’s difficult. I won’t lie. In the end, all you can be is you, no matter who and what that may be. But your struggles, once overcome and in the past, cannot define you. Those scars will remind you where you’ve been, and what paths you have travelled. But never, will they make you who you are. Only what you become afterwards will be what defines you.

Finally, if these scars could speak, they would tell you to believe. Believe in the impossible even when everyone else thinks against you. Believe in the power that you hold within yourself. Your limitations are what you allow them to be. Believe in your strengths no matter how dim the daylight may seem. Believe that you can be better if you try. Believe in the goodness of others and the validity of the soul. For as long as you believe, you have hope. And as long as you have hope, you have purpose.

My dearest, precious children, my body is but a shell of who I really am. These scars that you see are no longer the pains in my life, no longer the sorrows. And because you are, these scars will remain only memories of the past. Reminding me of where I come from, the purpose I have, and the belief that I have that you are destined for greatness. For as long asĀ  I believe, I have hope. And as long as I have hope, I have a purpose. That purpose is to love you, to believe in you, to raise you to the best of my abilities, and always learn from you, just as you learn from me.

Never give up in your darkest of days. Never stop believing in what is to be believed. Never stop trusting your heart, and never let go of the light that you shine to me, and to everyone else who meets you.



Author: Johnny T

Johnny T is a husband, father, blogger, and cancer survivor residing in the mountains of southwest Viriginia. On his blog, Johnny T (That's ME!) you will find him sharing straight from the heart and unfiltered on a variety of topics from cancer survival, to parenting, to creative writing and tech related pieces. You can also follow along with him on Twitter and Facebook.

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