Reflecting On Back To School

Guest Post By Justin Connors

justin-school-imageIt was a day I had been thinking about for the entire summer. One that I feared would come so quickly it would devour any remaining time I had left quickly. I wasn’t wrong. The day came swiftly and I was in full Dad mode. Kids dressed, lunches packed, pictures snapped. We were in the car and on our way before I even had a chance to process what was happening.

We arrived at the school nice and early, the kids excited and ready to start school after a fun filled summer. They piled out of the car, went to their separate playgrounds, and that was that. The end of my Stay at Home Dad life I had become accustomed to, was just done. Three years of playing at parks, afternoons at the library, watching Dora in the morning came just like that to an abrupt ending.

Truthfully deep down I was looking forward to the transition. I recently signed up for a spot in an awesome co-work space, I had launched a new youtube channel and business, and now I finally have time to do the things I put on hold to be a caretaker. Despite all of these great beginnings I am still dealing with the loss of my little hang out buddy, almost as if a piece of my life has been buried in its grave.

I get serious anxiety about the kids growing up, a constant fear that I am not living in the now enough or that their childhood is going to disappear before my eyes and It will happen before I get the chance to even realize it’s happening. Such is life I suppose.

Recently I shared my anxiety with a friend who has children in their late 20’s. I told him that I have no idea how I am going to deal with my kids becoming adults. He smiled and with the wisdom that comes from being a father for two decades said “Every age has been my favourite age. You adapt, get to know your kids for who they are at any given point in their life, and love them.”

The world kept turning that day and I started work in my co-work office space and found that I actually enjoy the quiet. As the years change they will grow not only physically but also into who they are as adults. My job is to help them find themselves. That’s a monumental job….One that requires much love, much sacrifice, and much fun. At every age.

Author: Justin Connors

Justin Connors is a Husband, Father, Photographer, Blogger, Podcast Host, Youtuber, Travel Dreamer, Disney Fanatic, Fuji-X User, and Pop Culture freak/geek. He Lives in Fredericton, NB, Canada with his family and hates the winter.

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