Tetris Desk Lamp

tetris-desk-lamp-fI’m usually not the kind of person that likes to collect lights or neon signs, but when I came across the Tetris light, I just had to have it! It’s a desk lamp that has a variety of Tetris shaped pieces which you can configure in any number of ways. This means that you can change the look and shape of your Tetris light every day if you wanted to. Each piece is removable and will light up when aligned properly with the other pieces. There is one main piece that needs to be plugged in, but all the others work only when stacked to this first one. After inspecting the product, it seems to be reasonably durable with quality that you would expect for a novelty product such as this. Apparently the in-store display pieces have been dropped many times without any damage, which is a good testament to the product’s quality. Of course, with kids around, there is always a possibility of missing or broken pieces regardless how well it’s built! This is a great gift for any dad, but especially for one that loves Tetris or video games. It would also be a nice addition for a dad with a man cave or media room. The only downside that I can think of is that it seems a little pricy at $70 CAD, but then again, it’s something that is quite unique. My want for the product could easily outweigh the price.

Here’s a link for more information or to buy the Tetris desk lamp: http://www.makevancouver.com/products/tetris-stackable-desk-lamp

Also, check out our video review / interview about the Tetris desk lamp here…

Author: Mike Granek

Michael Granek, MBA,CSEP,PID is a successful entrepreneur and an award winning event producer with two decades of experience in the special events and entertainment industry as well as in business. After selling his business and working for a large corporation, Mike decided to shift focus to spending more time with his kids and learning how to be the best dad he can be with his three children. For a complete bio, please visit: www.granek.com

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