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Top Daddies Approved ProductIt is amazing how many things you learn as a dad, but there are some things that you just never thought you would know, such as which lotions are the best for mom. As a dad, I look for ways to make my wife more comfortable during pregnancy, and after three pregnancies, one set of products that we just couldn’t do without has been the Thyme Maternity Soothing Therapy skin care products.

There are three lotions; Stretch Mark Cream, Soothing Therapy Breast Cream and Soothing Therapy Leg Gel. Thyme explains on their website that the products contain “exceptional levels of natural ingredients with preventative and nourishing benefits, helping to restore elasticity, revitalize and moisturize the skin.” The Stretch-Mark and Breast creams worked as advertised and seem to help with stretch-marks as well as keeping my wife’s skin moisturized and comfortable. For each pregnancy, we have used several bottles of each product which is a testament to our satisfaction. My wife found that the products helped make pregnancy more comfortable.

The leg gel in particular helped with the pains she was experiencing as a result of varicose veins and swollen feet and legs. It applies nicely as a clear gel providing a cooling sensation that seemed to reduce swelling after being on her feet all day. For an added cooling effect during hot summer months, having a fan pointing at her legs during and after application of the gel really helped cool her legs as well as her overall body temperature.

In addition, these skin care products are a great way for dad to be involved with the pregnancy. Dad can apply the creams and leg gel, giving mom a bit of a massage at the same time to relieve some pregnancy pains. When applying the stretch-mark cream, I often felt baby’s movements which helped me feel connected to my wife and baby.

The Soothing Therapy products also make a nice gift for mom-to-be. When I found out we were having a third, I decided to surprise my wife with the set of three products along with a “Gift” Certificate as a fun way to show that I wanted to be there for her throughout the pregnancy. Here’s a copy that I changed to be generic for anyone to use. Feel free to download and print it out for your wife or partner!

Download a high resolution version – PDF (1.1mb)

Pregnancy Lotion Certificate

A Fun Certificate To Give Your Wife As a Gift!


Author: Mike Granek

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