Top 10 Gadget Gift Ideas For Dad

Top 10 Gadget Gift Ideas For Dad

Guest Post by Justin Connors

Every year as Father’s Day approaches people start scrambling to find the perfect Father’s Day present. Are you tired of the same old tie and coffee mug present and want to give Dad something awesome this year? Fear not, I have done the legwork and am about to give you’s 10 Fantastic gadget ideas for Father’s Day!

10.  Powerup 3.0 Smartphone Controlled Paper Aeroplane


Deep down every Dad loves a gift that helps him connect with his inner 10 year old.  The Powerup 3.0 does just that! Fold a piece of paper, attach the gadget, connect to your smartphone and let your 10 year old self soar. This is a gift that Dad can use with the kids and is guaranteed to provide many hours of enjoyment. Don’t be surprised if he lets out a squeal when he opens it.

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9.  NEST


The NEST system is a perfect gift for the Dad who loves to have control over the thermostat. I know it is a tired stereotype, but in my house I am known as the king of the Thermostat.

NEST is a smart thermostat that learns what temperatures you like, and at what time of the day you like them. It also has a feature that knows when you are away from the house and will lower the temperature for you. It can be controlled by your smartphone and will give you data on your energy usage helping you get the most efficiency possible out of your home.

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8. Bullseye Laser Measure


How many times have you gone to hang a picture, take a step back and BAM it’s crooked? Take control of these frustrating situations with the Bullseye Laser level. It projects horizontal and vertical lasers so you get that perfectly level picture hung every single time. Don’t be surprised if the Dad in your life plays with this constantly. Look on the bright side, every picture, poster, and decorative item in your house will be perfectly level. Bonus.

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7.  Flux Capacitor USB Charger


Does this item need any explanation?  A car charger that supports two USB devices and looks exactly like a Flux Capacitor from Back to the Future. I am not going to promise that you will not be subject to Back to the Future re-enactments or “trips” to the past while driving with the recipient of this gift.  Hilarity is bound to ensure 😉

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6. iRobot Looj


Let’s be honest with each other for a minute. Does anyone actually like cleaning gutters?  Remotely enjoy it? OF COURSE NOT! iRobot brings us their marvellous invention called the Looj. Set it in any gutter system and it will clean 30 ft in about 5 minutes. The blades propel at 500 RPM and can take down most clogs put in its sights. The Looj is a bit on the pricey side but think how many afternoons will be saved in the next 10 years. Afternoons that can be spent leveling pictures inside for instance.

Still not sold? You have to watch the video of it in action. That video will put a smile on any Dad’s face.

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5. Kiwi Car Diagnostic Kit


The Kiwi diagnostic kit turns any smartphone into a powerful car monitoring tool. You attach the monitor to your car and it allows Dad to monitor key stats about his vehicle’s operation right on his smart phone. It will give him sensor date such as engine RPM, vehicle speed, coolant temperature, and throttle position.

My favourite features are the Miles per Gallon gauge and the check engine scan. No more pesky check engine lights on for months without knowing what it means! Small victories.

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4. Apple TV


If it has an Apple logo on it, it’s a safe bet that it is going to be an amazing Father’s Day present. Rent Movies, watch Netflix, listen to music, surf youtube, watch your favourite team with, cook dinners, feed the pets, makes the children clean up their toys… you get the picture 😉

Apple TV is a one stop shop for your television media consumption and once it is in your life you will wonder where it has been. This is the quintessential item for any movie/TV buff.

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3. FITBIT Charge


Wearables are all the rage right now in the tech world, and FITBIT products are no exception. These devices help you monitor steps taken, calories burned, sleep patterns, and even double as a watch/alarm. Slap one of these babies on and you are well on your way to a healthier and meaner you. Just make sure Dad knows you’re not trying to suggest something to him by gifting it to him… or maybe you are.

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2. iHome Death Star Bluetooth Speaker


I will be the first to admit that including this gift is my secret attempt to send a *hint hint* to my family. The iHome Death Star is a great addition to any Star Wars geek office desk. Wirelessly stream (or audio jack in) music, preferably the Imperial March, to it and watch it light up and do its thing! This is sure to provide much office conversation and will be sure to make me err Dad the King Geek of his workplace…or home. Planet destroying capability not included.

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1. Apple Watch


Keeping in line with wearables, the Apple Watch burst onto the scene this year with much fanfare. With good reason too, not only can the Apple Watch do almost anything, it also doubles as a very stylish timepiece and even has over 20 models in its collection.

Fitness tracking, weather apps, Apple pay, and texting are just a few of the many features the watch provides. My favourite overall feature however is being able to keep your phone in your pocket and accessing your emails and texts from the watch instead.

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There you have it, 10 amazing and unique gifts for that amazing and unique Dad in your life. I guarantee any of these 10 things will put a big smile on the face of Father in your life. If not, send it to me and I promise it will put a smile on my face!

Happy Father’s Day!

Author: Justin Connors

Justin Connors is a Husband, Father, Photographer, Blogger, Podcast Host, Youtuber, Travel Dreamer, Disney Fanatic, Fuji-X User, and Pop Culture freak/geek. He Lives in Fredericton, NB, Canada with his family and hates the winter.

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