Top 12 Things I Find Hot About Dads

Hot Dads, I Salute You….

Dads, for all your late night diaper changes and early morning feedings I salute you!

Here are the top 12 things I find hot about Dads:

1. You are responsible for someone else’s survival and you are succeeding. Well done, Sir!

2. Your kids are cute, which makes you hotter because you made them.

3. You are able to communicate efficiently and effectively without losing your temper in a grocery store. And you didn’t spank your kids  ….I assume you don’t spank your kids….I hope you don’t spank your kids….lets move on.

4. When you bend over to teach your kids how to ride a bike, your ass looks great in those Dad jeans.

5. You have had sex once successfully and it worked out. Or maybe it didn’t work out but you made it work out, eventually. HAWT!

6. You care deeply about your kids. Or you fake it really well enough to have me convinced me you don’t spank your kids…let’s move on.

7. You remember all the words to Dinosaur train.  I don’t remember what I had for breakfast.

8. There’s puke on your shirt and it doesn’t belong to you.  It’s a step up from the guys that I have dated.

9. You love your kids unconditionally, which gives me hope.  Because I forgot to pick you up from work.

10. You have listened to “Let it go” a hundred times and still manage to let it go. So when I take off my spanks and let it go you will be able to let it go.

11. You have watched someone throw a tantrum, ball their eyes out and crap their pants in front of you.  And you still stuck around.

12. You are able to give good spankings…and I am not talking about your kids.


Author: Janet Davidson

A Toronto-based Actress, Improviser and Comedienne. Find her on Twitter:

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