Top Daddies Approved Toys For 2014

There are a lot of top gifts of the holiday season floating around this time of year. While most are based on top selling toys of the season, we decided to do something a little different. We teamed up with Cowboys and Angels this holiday season and collected a list of unique toys not necessarily found in the big box stores. Take a look at our 9 carefully chosen TopDaddies Approved Toys For 2014!


Elf on the Shelf


Many of you may already be familiar with Elf on the Shelf, but for those who aren’t, it is an Elf that comes and checks on your kids’ behaviour everyday leading up until Christmas. The Elf appears in a new spot every morning and reports back to Santa every evening. We like this gift because it is a good physical reminder for children that Santa is watching, plus who doesn’t love another reason to keep kids behaviour in check, even temporarily. It also creates excitement every morning that is a great start to the day, and is a fun tradition that can be done year after year.

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Wheely Bug


The wheely bug is a great ride-on toy for toddlers that comes in a variety of cute animal shapes, such as a bumble bee, tiger, pig and hedgehog. They are made with soft materials and a wooden base, which we prefer over plastic ride on toys. It is small which makes it easy for toddlers to get on and off on their own. The wheels are great too because they swivel in all directions instead of simply back and forth. Toddlers can go any direction just using their feet to steer themselves around. Check out our video review below!

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Lego Alarm Clock


With the release of the Lego movie this year, it’s no surprise that we have something Lego on our list. The lego alarm clocks come in a variety of characters including Yoda, Darth Vadar, Superman and Batman. It is helpful for those kids who have a hard time getting up in the morning or those younger ones who need help staying in bed a bit longer. They make a neat gift because not only are they both fun and functional, you won’t be stepping on these in the middle of the night.

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Goldie Bloxs

goldie-bloxGoldie Bloxs is not new, but has been growing in popularity. This game is marketed towards girls and helps break down stereotypes that only boys are interested in building and engineering. This year Goldie Bloks has released more accessories allowing for more creativity and problem solving. We love this toy because it allows kids to use their brains and experiment, invent and engineer!

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A twist on the typical building blocks, Squigz allow kids to use their creativity while building and engineering different structures. Squigz comes with a variety of different pieces, each with suction cups that “suck” or stick together. These suction toys allow for endless possibilities of play and are good for a wide range of ages – including parents who love to play. See Squigz in action in our video review of this product below!

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Harley Davidson House


While there are many different doll houses on the market, the Harley Davidson house is something completely different. This doll house is marketed towards boys, although any child would love to play with this house. Unlike other mechanic style houses targeted for boys, this one includes dolls that can ride the motorbikes. The Harley Davidson house is a great toy that allows for hours of pretend play.

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Lottie Dolls


With so many different dolls on the market we were surprised to find ones that stood out in the crowd. The Lottie dolls are different than most other toys because they are made to look like children and not adults. Each doll is given a personality description that focuses on being a positive roll model, with age-appropriate bodies, and no makeup, high heels or jewellery.

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Mini Micro 3-in-1

The Mini Micro 3-in-1 is a great gift that can actually grow with your child. It starts off with a seat for toddlers which can later be removed and a longer handle bar added as your child grows. It is sturdy and easier to steer than other scooters. Of course, this gift has the added bonus of encouraging physical activity.

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Melissa & Doug Sweets & Treats Food Cart


Have you ever walked through a toy store and said to yourself, “I really wish I had that when I was a kid.”? Well, this toy did it for us. The Melissa & Doug Sweets & Treats Food Cart is almost completely made of wood ( including most of the accessories) and with a quick flip of a sign and awning can change back and forth between a hotdog stand and an ice cream cart. With the same toy you have 2 completely different playing options. It comes with 40 different play foods and accessories so no further purchases are needed and they all can be stored within the cart itself. Hours of fun are to be had with this toy!

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There you have it, TopDaddies list of our favourite toys this holiday season. You can also watch our video review of all these products here:


Of course there are so many other really neat gifts to be found at Cowboys and Angels. Make sure to check out their website to find out more.

Happy Shopping!

Author: Mike Granek

Michael Granek, MBA,CSEP,PID is a successful entrepreneur and an award winning event producer with two decades of experience in the special events and entertainment industry as well as in business. After selling his business and working for a large corporation, Mike decided to shift focus to spending more time with his kids and learning how to be the best dad he can be with his three children. For a complete bio, please visit:

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